Stable Audio Alternatives

Stable Audio Alternatives

If you’re involved in creating music for podcasts, articles, or any project imaginable, today’s AI tools offer groundbreaking possibilities. This article explores the top five AI music generators currently available on the market, showcasing how these innovative tools are revolutionizing music production.

1. Mubert: Leading the AI Music Revolution

Our first spotlight is on Mubert, a cutting-edge AI music generator making significant waves in the industry. Mubert combines technology and creativity uniquely, designed for those eager to push beyond traditional music production boundaries.

This platform allows users to generate unique soundscapes easily. Users enter a prompt or select a genre, mood, or activity, and set their desired track length, which then kicks off the AI-driven creation process. Mubert offers a free tier, with paid tiers starting at $14 a month.

2. Soundful: Simple, Customizable Music Generation

Next, we have Soundful, known for its blend of simplicity and customization. Soundful is perfect for creating royalty-free background music for videos, streams, podcasts, and more.

The process is user-friendly: select a genre, customize your inputs, and generate tracks until you find the perfect fit. Like Mubert, Soundful provides a free tier, with monthly subscriptions beginning at just $9.99.

3. Aiva: The Versatile Composer

Aiva has been a player in the AI music generation field since its inception in 2016. Designed to compose soundtracks for various media such as advertisements, video games, and films, Aiva’s technology allows users to create music from scratch or produce variations of existing songs, easing the music licensing process. It offers a broad range of presets and music formats and the capability to edit soundtracks.

Aiva also features a free tier, with paid plans starting at approximately $16.54 a month.

4. Beatbot: Interactive Song Creation

Fourth on our list is Beatbot, an innovative AI-powered song maker that composes short songs based on textual inputs. Utilizing sound loops and ChatGPT for lyrics, Beatbot empowers users to actively participate in the music creation process. Currently in its beta phase, Beatbot is free to use, though future pricing is under consideration.

5. BeatOven: Simplifying Music Creation

Finally, we feature BeatOven, a unique AI music generator designed to simplify the music composition process. Ideal for composing original soundtracks for videos or podcasts, Beat Oven makes music creation accessible and enjoyable, regardless of one’s musical expertise. It offers a free version and usage-based pricing starting at three dollars a month.

Our top recommendation is Mubert, particularly for content creators, musicians, and businesses looking to enhance their marketing videos or in-store experiences with tailored music. Mubert is also beneficial for app developers who can integrate its API into their games or apps, providing a unique and immersive audio experience.

Conclusion and our choice

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