Stable Audio


Stable Audio introduces the capability to produce high-quality music tracks that are up to three minutes long through an innovative audio-to-audio generation technology. Users have the ability to upload audio clips and transform them into a variety of sounds using simple language prompts.

This latest audio model enhances the toolbox available to artists and musicians by introducing new features. It supports both text-to-audio and audio-to-audio prompts, enabling the creation of tunes, accompaniments, components, and sound effects, thereby enriching the creative workflow.

Distinguishing itself from other cutting-edge models, Stable Audio is capable of generating complete songs up to three minutes long. These compositions are not only structurally sound, featuring introductions, developments, and conclusions, but also boast stereo sound effects, setting a new benchmark in AI music creation.

  • Stable Audio Explained

    Stable Audio Explained

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    AI Music Generators

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